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Steinway Street is a local station on the IND Queens Boulevard Line of the New York City Subway. Located under Steinway Street between Broadway and 34th Avenue, it is served by the M train on weekdays, the R train at all times except nights, and the E train at night. There is a platform underneath.

Station layout[]

{|table border=0 cellspacing=0 cellpadding=3 |style="border-top:solid 1px gray;" width=50|'''G''' |style="border-top:solid 1px gray;" width=100|Street level |style="border-top:solid 1px gray;" width=400|Exit/entrance |- |style="border-top:solid 1px gray;"|'''M''' |style="border-top:solid 1px gray;"|Mezzanine |style="border-top:solid 1px gray;"|Fare control, station agent |- |style="border-top:solid 1px gray;border-bottom:solid 1px gray;" rowspan=4 valign=top|'''P'''<br />Platform level |style="border-top:solid 1px gray;border-right:solid 2px black;border-left:solid 2px black;border-bottom:solid 2px black;text-align:center;" colspan=2|<small>[[Side platform]]</small> |- |'''Southbound local''' |← {{rint|newyork|M}} toward {{nycs|Metropolitan Avenue|BM}} weekdays <small>({{nycs|36th Street|IQ}})</small><br />← {{rint|newyork|R}} toward {{nycs|95th Street|B4}} <small>({{nycs|36th Street|IQ}})</small><br />← {{rint|newyork|E}} toward {{nycs|World Trade Center|I8}} late nights <small>({{nycs|36th Street|IQ}})</small> |- |style="border-top:solid 1px gray;"|'''Northbound local''' |style="border-top:solid 1px gray;"|{{0|→}} {{rint|newyork|M}} toward {{nycs|71st Avenue|IQ}} weekdays <small>({{nycs|46th Street|IQ}})</small> →<br />{{0|→}} {{rint|newyork|R}} toward {{nycs|71st Avenue|IQ}} <small>({{nycs|46th Street|IQ}})</small> →<br />{{0|→}} {{rint|newyork|E}} toward {{nycs|Jamaica Center|IA}} late nights <small>({{nycs|46th Street|IQ}})</small> → |- |style="border-top:solid 2px black;border-right:solid 2px black;border-left:solid 2px black;border-bottom:solid 1px gray;text-align:center;" colspan=2|<small>[[Side platform]]</small>

|} [[File:Steinway St IND 01.jpg|thumb|left|A mosaic at Steinway Street]]