Select Bus Service (SBS), marked on the buses as +select, is a brand used by MTA Regional Bus Operations for bus rapid transit service in New York City. SBS began service in 2008 in order to improve speed and reliability along multiple long, busy limited-stop corridors. The first route was the Bx12 along Fordham Road and the Pelham Parkway; as of September 2017, fifteen SBS routes run along fourteen corridors. Several more corridors are proposed for Select Bus Service.


In conjunction with the New York City Department of Transportation, the MTA identified five corridors for implementation of bus rapid transit, one in each of the five boroughs, in late 2004: the Fordham Road/Pelham Parkway corridor in the Bronx, 34th Street in Manhattan, Main Street in Queens, Nostrand Avenue in Brooklyn, and Hylan Boulevard in Staten Island. Four bus priority corridors were also identified for implementation or expansion (three in Manhattan, one in the Bronx): Madison Avenue (expansion), Fifth Avenue, 34th Street, and Webster Avenue. The Select Bus Service program was unveiled to the public on March 25, 2008. At the time of the announcement, the MTA and the mayor had stated that implementation on other corridors was contingent on the passage of congestion pricing, which ultimately did not make it for a vote in the legislature.

The first Select Bus Service corridor, on the Bx12 along 207th Street, Fordham Road, and Pelham Parkway, was placed into service on June 29, 2008. The Next line, the Q44, running on the Cross Bronx Expressway (Service Road) and Main Street, saw Select Service begin on October 10, 2010 after the delivery of new low-floor buses.  All local service was replaced by the Q20 in Queens and the Bx54 in The Bronx. The M34 and M34A line was started on November 13, 2011. Initially, a 34th Street busway was planned that would require eliminating 34th Street as a through street, but it was dropped in favor of the standard SBS model. The B44 Rogers/Bedford/Nostrand Avenues bus route, the fifth Select Bus Service corridor in the city, was implemented on November 17, 2013 pending the arrival of new fare machines. The S79 Hylan Boulevard/Richmond Avenue route, initially slated to be converted to SBS in 2013, was moved up to September 2, 2012; the local equivalents of the S79 route are the S78 and S59 buses. A sixth corridor, the second for the Bronx, began service on the Bx52 Webster Avenue - Laguardia route on June 30, 2013; this route was the first " "Phase II" SBS route to begin service (the existing corridors plus the B44 comprise Phase I).

A seventh corridor, and the third for Manhattan, the M60 125th Street–Triborough Bridge–Astoria Boulevard bus route to LaGuardia Airport, was converted to SBS on May 25, 2014; local service was replaced by other routes running alongside the route of the M60 (the M100, M101, Bx15, and Q19). An eighth Select Bus Service route was planned in the 2014–2017 Financial Plan. The eighth Select Bus Service corridor (ninth route overall), and the fourth in Manhattan, was for the M86 running on 86th Street, which was originally scheduled to start running on June 28, 2015, but pushed back to July 13, 2015; it does not include a major change in stops.

The ninth corridor, and the second for Brooklyn, is the B46 on Utica Avenue. When implemented, the local and Select Bus Service route of the B46 changed northern terminals to improve reliability. Originally planned for implementation in fall 2015, it was instituted on July 3, 2016. The tenth corridor, and the second for Queens, is the Q5 limited bus route between Jamaica and Rosedale LIRR Station, which began on November 29, 2015. On September 25, 2016, the eleventh corridor (twelfth route overall) and the third for Queens, the Q70, was rebranded as the "LaGuardia Link" and became a SBS route. As opposed to other SBS routes, the Q70 is wrapped in a light blue scheme with clouds and airplanes in order to encourage more people to use public transportation when using the airport. This marked MTA Bus's first SBS route.

The M23, the twelfth corridor (thirteenth route) and the fifth in Manhattan, became a Select Bus Service route on November 6, 2016 with dedicated bus lanes and countdown clocks at some stops, replacing M23 local service at the cost of $1.7 million. The M79 became an SBS route on May 21, 2017, with the installation of bus lanes along its route. The Bx6, after the completion of bus lanes and widened sidewalks, became an SBS route on September 3, 2017. Local service was replaced by an expansion of the Bx46 route. This is the third route for the Bronx. Select Bus Service along Woodhaven and Cross Bay Boulevards was implemented on the Q52 and Q53 routes in on November 12, 2017. The B82 Limited was be replaced by SBS on October 1, 2018. Bus lanes will be installed in conjunction with Vision Zero improvements, such as additional crosswalks and pedestrian islands.

Select Bus Service is currently proposed for the M14 bus route in Manhattan. Originally set to begin in April 2019 on the newly introduced M14B running between the west side and Stuyvesant Town to connect to a temporary ferry during the L shutdown, but has since been postponed due to changes with the L shutdown. Select Bus service is currently proposed to convert all M14 routes to SBS, which includes the M14A, M14B and M14D.

All current SBS corridors are enforced by cameras restricting non-buses in these lanes on weekdays where the bus lane is curbside, with the bus lanes marked by red paint. Where the bus lane is an offset lane (that is, one lane away from the curb), non-bus traffic is restricted at all times except for emergencies.

Phase 1


The Bx12 Limited was the first route to be converted into a Select Bus Service line, the Bx12 SBS. It was placed into service on June 29, 2008 replacing limited stop service with SBS on this line. Both Bx12 Select Bus Service and Bx12 local are based out of the Gun Hill Bus Depot. During late nights, the corridor is served by the Bx12 local service, which operates 24/7.


The Q44 Limited became the Q44 SBS on October 10, 2010, which replaced limited stop service with SBS on this line.

Due to community opposition, bus lanes were only installed on a small portion of the route between Roosevelt Avenue and the Long Island Expressway in Downtown Flushing and Queensboro Hill, and on Archer Avenue and Sutphin Boulevard in Jamaica; portions of the Archer Avenue lanes were installed before the implementation of SBS. Local bus service in Queens is provided by the Q20A/B in Queens, while the Bx54 serves local stops in the Bronx. The Q20A/B and the Q44 SBS are based out of the Casey Stengel Depot while the Bx54 is based out of Kingsbridge Depot.


The M34 SBS and M34A SBS routes began on November 13, 2011. These are considered by the MTA as two SBS services, the M34 34th Street Crosstown and the former M16 route, which was renamed the M34A; the routes share a single corridor. Originally, a provision of this corridor was planned to create a special "Busway" which would have seen both the M34 and M34A SBS lines run along 34th Street in a special two-lane corridor with vehicular traffic travelling in only one direction (westbound after 6th Avenue/Broadway; eastbound after 5th Avenue), this was eventually scrapped and replaced with curbside and offset bus lanes along 34th Street with bus bulbs at selected bus stops. Alternate weekday M34 SBS trips began originating/terminating at Waterside Plaza with the M34A SBS on September 3, 2017.

This service used non-articulated Orion 7 hybrid-electric buses between November 2011 and early April 2013, when they were replaced by the LFSA articulated buses found on the majority of the other SBS routes. The M34 and M34A are both based in the Michael J. Quill Bus Depot.


The S79 SBS route began on September 2, 2012. While the routing was left mostly intact, the S79 had all local service eliminated and replaced by local service on the S59 route along Richmond Avenue and the S78 route along Hylan Boulevard. The route was also straightened through New Springville to bypass the Yukon Bus Depot. This route uses rigid 40-foot Orion VII hybrid-electric diesel buses, and is the only SBS line that does not utilize off-board fare collection. Additionally, it was the only SBS line in the 5 boroughs that did not use 60-foot articulated buses before the B46 SBS was introduced as well as the only SBS line to not have blue destination signs until July 2017. Riders must pay the fare on board, as they do on local, limited-stop, and express buses. The S79 Select Bus Service is based out of the Yukon Bus Depot.


The B44 SBS route began on November 17, 2013, replacing the B44 Limited service with Select Bus Service. Initially planned for the end of 2011, then later the summer of 2012, the start date was pushed to November 2013 as the buses for the service did not arrive until early 2013. Unlike other SBS routes, this service involved a significant change in route, and approximately 20 limited stops were eliminated. The elimination of the Avenue L stop, located adjacent to a school, from the SBS route, was controversial, with local elected representatives and community members starting a petition and calling for its restoration. On February 11, 2014, just under three months since its launch, the MTA conceded to community pressure and added Avenue L and Gates Avenue to the SBS route. This bus is based out of the Flatbush Bus Depot.

Phase 2


The Bx52 Limited, running along Webster Avenue and Melrose Avenue in the Bronx as well as Astoria Blvd in Queens, was the first route to be converted into a Phase II Select Bus Service line. The Bx52 SBS began service on June 30, 2013, with local service supplemented by the Bx41, Q19, and M60 (beginning January 8 2017 with elimination of stops between Astoria Blvd Station and LaGuardia Airport). The stops were nearly identical to the limited service it replaced at the time. Both Bx41 and Bx52 were originally based out of the Kingsbridge Bus Depot. However, on January 8, 2017, the lines were moved to Gun Hill Depot from Kingsbridge with the Bx12 local and SBS, to ease the pressure, and relieve the severe overcrowding at the Kingsbridge Bus Depot.


The M60 operates between the Upper West Side of Manhattan and LaGuardia Airport, providing crosstown service along 125th Street in Harlem. Select Bus Service was originally scheduled to begin in mid or late 2013, but was pushed to May 25, 2014 due to community opposition, citing loss of available parking spaces along 125th Street in Manhattan.Due to its status as an airport connector, buses on the route are equipped with luggage racks.

The M60 was based out of 126th Street Depot upon implementation as a Select Bus Service route. In November 2014, the route was moved to Mother Clara Hale after a soft reopening for the depot, then in January 2015 the M60 moved to the Michael J. Quill Bus Depot (where all Manhattan crosstown routes converted to SBS are based out of) due to the closing of the 126th Street Depot.


The M86 bus, running crosstown along 86th Street in Manhattan, was identified as a potential bus rapid transit corridor in 2009. The M86 SBS route debuted on July 13, 2015. It was the third corridor in Manhattan and the fourth Manhattan bus line to have Select Bus Service. The M86 SBS was originally based out of the Tuskegee Airmen Depot, but later switched to Michael J. Quill depot.


In late 2004, the MTA identified five corridors for implementation of bus rapid transit, one in each of the five boroughs: the Fordham Road/Pelham Parkway corridor in the Bronx, 34th Street in Manhattan, Merrick Boulevard in Queens, Nostrand Avenue in Brooklyn, and Hylan Boulevard in Staten Island. The Merrick Boulevard corridor was eventually scrapped because of community opposition related to loss of parking.

The Q5 SBS was approved in June 2015, with original plans altered to fit community demands. The route began service on November 29, 2015. The Q5 local and SBS are based out of Jamaica Depot.


The B46 line is the busiest bus route in Brooklyn and 3rd busiest in the entire city. Select Bus Service began July 3, 2016, after being originally scheduled for a fall 2015 implementation. The B46 SBS replaced the B46 Limited, making similar stops along Utica Avenue and Malcolm X Boulevard. Unlike the former Limited, the B46 SBS makes limited stops south of Avenue H, and only runs between Kings Plaza and Myrtle Avenue. The B46 local was extended along Broadway to replace limited-stop service to the Williamsburg Bridge Plaza Bus Terminal at all times. Both the B46 local and Select Bus Service are based out of the Flatbush Bus Depot, as is the B44 SBS. The B46 is the second Select Bus Service in Brooklyn.


In Queens, the Q70 limited-stop bus ran between Penn Station and LaGuardia Airport via the Roosevelt Avenue/74th Street station and Woodside LIRR station; some downtown trips also ended at the LIRR station. The Q70 SBS was implemented on September 25, 2016, when it was rebranded as the "LaGuardia Link" with the implementation of off-board payment of fares. As opposed to other SBS routes, the Q70 is wrapped in a light blue scheme with clouds and airplanes on the top half of the bus imposed with the standard SBS livery on the lower half. The Q70 is based out of LaGuardia Depot, it is the third Queens bus line to have Select Bus Service and the first one for MTA Bus.


The M23 route has been traditionally crowded, with 4,862,343 riders in 2010 and 3,831,755 riders in 2015, or 15,000 riders a day. In 2003, it was given the "Pokey Award" by the Straphangers Campaign, the least prestigious award given to other New York City Bus routes that also runs at a speed of 4mph; it also got that distinction in 2007 when it also ran at an average of 4 miles per hour (6.4 km/h), slightly faster than the average walking speed of 3 miles per hour (4.8 km/h). In 2009, the MTA and the New York City Department of Transportation (NYCDOT) identified the M14A/D, on parallel 14th Street, as a potential corridor for Phase II of SBS, the city's bus rapid transit system, as well as finalized plans to implement SBS on the M16/M34 along the also-parallel 34th Street. The crosstown bus corridors were noted for slow travel speeds.The M23 was originally not planned to be an SBS route, but in 2008, it had been part of a pilot program in which 30 articulated, redesigned SBS buses were rolled out on the M23 for some time.

After lengthy consultation, the M23 was converted to SBS on November 6, 2016, replacing the identical local counterpart bus line; the westbound stop on 5th Avenue and two bi-directional stops on Lexington Avenue were no longer served by this line. The M23 is based out of the Michael J. Quill Bus Depot. The M23 is the fourth corridor in Manhattan and the fifth Manhattan bus line to have Select Bus Service.


The M79 local bus route was identified as a heavily traveled corridor in a 2009 study by the DOT and NYCTA, and in a December 2013 study by the Pratt Center for Community Development of Brooklyn. It was converted to SBS on May 21, 2017. The M79 is based out of the Michael J. Quill Bus Depot.


The Bx6, a critical Bronx crosstown corridor, was converted into SBS on September 3, 2017. The Bx46 was extended to Manhattan and began to make all local stops along the route west of Prospect Avenue. The Bx6 SBS continues to operate a similar route as the former local east of Prospect Avenue. The Bx6 SBS mainly makes stops at select high-ridership locations and all transfers points to Metro-North and subways. The Bx6 SBS and the Bx46 are out of West Farms Depot. It is also the third Bronx Bus line to have Select Bus Service and the first one since the Bx52 on June 30, 2013. The Bx6 is also the MTA's 15th Select Bus Service line to date.

The Bx6 corridor is the first to use bus lanes in the median of the street at the E 161st Street/Sheridan-Sherman Avenues stops, as opposed to curbside or offset bus lanes. The median bus lanes supposedly speeds up traffic by going around double-parked cars. Originally, a similar provision of median bus lanes was planned for the 34th Street Corridor in Manhattan. A planned "Busway" would have seen both the M34 and M34A SBS lines run along 34th Street in a special two-lane corridor with vehicular traffic travelling in only one direction (westbound after 6th Avenue/Broadway; eastbound after 5th Avenue), this was eventually scrapped and replaced with curbside and offset bus lanes along 34th Street with bus bulbs at selected bus stops.


The Q52/Q53 route along the Woodhaven/Cross Bay Boulevards corridor between Central Queens and the Rockaways has received studies for implementation since 2008. The Q53 was first proposed for implementation until the introduction of the Q52 in Summer 2012. The Q52 and Q53 began SBS on November 12, 2017. Local service will be served by with the Q11, Q21, and Q22 routes.

The Q52 is based out of JFK depot while the Q53 is baced out of LaGuardia Depot. All local routes are based out of Far Rockaway Depot.


The B82 Limited was converted to Select Bus Service on October 1, 2018. The B82 SBS however did not replace limited service between Bay 37th St and Coney Island and is instead served by B82 local service.The route was slightly modified in Flatbush and Canarsie in order to improve reliability and to help get rid of congestion caused by the turns used in the area, which delayed the route by as much as 10 minutes. The B82 is the 3rd Brooklyn bus line (the MTA's 18th) to have Select Bus Service.

The B82 is based out of East New York Depot


A new M14B route along 14th Street in Manhattan was implemented on November 12, 2017 in order to improve service along 14th Street and in anticipation of the closure of the 14th Street Tunnel, in addition to the existing M14A or M14D routes. This new route would be later on converted to SBS and would have initially ran between the West Side at 10th Avenue and 14th Street and the First Avenue station on the Lower East Side, and would have been extended north to a ferry landing at Stuyvesant Cove Park in April 2019. Four temporary SBS routes from Manhattan to Brooklyn via the Williamsburg Bridge, labeled L1 through L4, would have also been created. However, following the alteration in the 14th Street Tunnel rehabilitation plans in January 2019, the L1 through L4 SBS routes were canceled and the M14 SBS was put on hold. New York City Transit still plans to have SBS along the corridor, and is working with the DOT on the plan. The preliminary plan is to convert both the M14A and M14D routes into SBS routes along with the already planned M14B.

All M14 routes are based out of Michael J. Quill depot.

Phase 3

Phase 3 will consist of new SBS routes beginning after 2021 after a reimagining of the bus network citywide.


Select Bus Service buses are wrapped in a unique blue paint scheme that identifies them as operating in this particular service. All SBS buses display +Select Bus in the destination sign. Bus stops where SBS buses stop are also identifiable with the SBS branding on the glass shelters, and machines for MetroCard and coin payment in or near the shelters (except for the S79 SBS, which does not employ off-board fare collection). In addition, all buses on the SBS services employ all-door boarding operation, in which each set of doors open simultaneously for easier boarding and alighting, with the exception of the S79 which does not employ all-door boarding.

Upon the debut of Select Bus Service, blue flashing lights on both sides of the destination sign were used to help designate SBS buses from local buses (which have orange lights). While some, including bus operators, claimed the flashing blue lights helped improve travel times for buses, they were controversial due to some drivers mistaking them for emergency vehicles. The use of the lights also violated the New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law (Article 9, Section 375 (41)). NYS Law states "The use of blue lights on vehicles shall be restricted for use only by a volunteer firefighter" and "may be affixed to a police vehicle and fire vehicle, provided that such blue light or lights shall be displayed on a police vehicle and fire vehicle for rear projection only."

To replace the lights, in July 2015 the MTA began overhauling the front destination signs of buses to display the route in a blue background, as well as a completely blue background that flashes twice when it says +Select Bus (formerly it read +Select Bus Service). At night on some routes, the front destination sign is blue text on an unlit black background. Starting with the Q5 in November 2015, the blue background is kept when the front signage transitions to show the terminal of the route and the main streets traveled. As of July 2017, the SBS fleet on all routes have had their front destination signs overhauled, and new routes that launched after that date came with the new destination signs.

The following table lists the buses used on each route.

Photo Builder and
model name
Model year Length Energy source Routes Units Notes
Hqdefault Nova Bus
LFS Artic


62 ft (18.90 m) Diesel

B44, Bx6, Bx12, Bx52

5771-5786, 5326-5328, 5331-5363 Being removed from SBS
Maxresdefault New Flyer Industries


41.2 ft (12.56 m) Q70 7438-7441, 7443-7462 Units planned to be removed from SBS in the future.
1447564428305 Nova Bus


40 ft (12 m) S79 8300-8317, 8400-8415 To be removed from SBS.
IMG 20170324 140113 New Flyer Industries
2017 60.83 ft (18.54 m)

B44, Q44, Q52, Q53, M23, M34, M34A, M60, M79, M86

6000-6032, 6082-6119, 6140-6182
IMG 20180625 141518 New Flyer Industries
60.83 ft (18.54 m) CNG Bx6 1000-1015, 1072
IMG 20180103 165109
IMG 20181020 172737
Nova Bus
LFS Artic
2016-2019 62 ft (18.90 m) Diesel Bx12, Bx52, M23, M34, M34A, M60, M79, M86 5439-5602 Being delivered
IMG 20180525 172803 New Flyer Industries
2017-2018 41.2 ft (12.56 m) B46, B82, Q5 1654-1674, 1785-1854