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The Manhattanville Depot, formerly the 132nd Street Depot, is a three-story Manhattan division depot located in the block bounded by Broadway, Riverside Drive, and 132nd and 133rd Streets in Manhattanville, Manhattan. The depot is viewable from the IRT Broadway – Seventh Avenue Line between 125th Street and 137th Street – City College. The depot holds about 200 buses, with storage space on the second and third floors, although the depot operates around 250 buses. The original site on 132nd Street and Broadway was a bus garage built in 1918 for the Fifth Avenue Coach Company. The facility was taken over by the MaBSTOA subsidiary of the Transit Authority in March 1962. It served as the headquarters for the MaBSTOA. The original depot was demolished in the late 1980s, and a new depot was erected opening on November 8, 1992, replacing the old 54th Street Depot (also a former Fifth Avenue Coach facility) which closed the same day. In September 1998, the depot operated a pilot fleet of 10 Orion VI hybrid electric buses. Also that year, it was planned to convert the depot into a compressed natural gas (CNG) facility due to community complaints, but the plan was scrapped due to the high cost of converting such a large facility.

As of August 2020, this depot is considered one of the greenest depots of the city, housing strictly hybrid electric buses since 2010. No battery electric buses are assigned to Manhattanville at the moment.

Fleet operation history

RTS (1980's-2009)

RTS Hybrid (2000-2010; had 9700/9656 1997-2008) 

Orion VI (1998-2005)

Orion VII Gen I (2006-2019)

Orion VII Gen II (2005-2019)

Orion VII Gen II+ (2008-2021)

Designline Ecosaver (2010-2022)

Orion VII NG. Hybrid (2009-Present)

2017-18 XDE40 (2017-present)

2021-22 XDE40 (2021-present)

2020-22 Novabus LFS Hybrid (2021-present)