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Lexington Avenue-76th Street station is the station built under 76th Street. It has entrances from Lexington Avenue and 79th Street and 3rd Avenue and 78th Street. It would have been built if the 63rd Street Line wasn't built. The V would stop at it if it hadn't been defunct.

Station Layout[]

Floor Location What's on there
G Street Level on 79th Street Exit/Entrance
B1 3rd Avenue Mezzanine under 78th Street and Lexington Avenue Mezzanine under 79th Street. Path towards 76th Street. Elevator to platform. SEE Lexington Avenue-63rd Street
B2 - Escalator
B3 - MTA Police Station and Parking Lot
B4 V toward Floyd Bennett Field (57th Street) Southbound Local
Island platform, doors will open on both sides; accessible
B4 V toward Marathon Parkway (Roosevelt Island) Northbound Local
B5 Path to 77th Street station Transfer