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The IND 76th Street Line is a line that was proposed by the Transit Authority. It would have been built if the 63rd Street Line wasn't built. It would have the F or V go from 57th Street under Central Park. It would have reached Lexington Avenue-76th Street. It would stop at Roosevelt Island. Then it would go up Vernon Boulevard to the stations up to 21st Street and 31st Street on Broadway. It would go to Steinway Street. It would go up Northern Boulevard to Flushing-Main Street then to Marathon Pkwy on the Long Island Expressway.


  • 57th Street-Sixth Avenue
  • Lexington Avenue-76th Street
  • Roosevelt Island
  • 21st Street-Ravenswood
  • 31st Street-Broadway
  • Steinway Street
  • 67th Street
  • 74th Street
  • 82nd Street
  • Junction Boulevard
  • 103rd Street
  • 108th Street
  • Astoria Boulevard
  • Seaver Way
  • Flushing-Main Street
  • Elder Avenue
  • Booth Memorial Avenue
  • LIE-Main Street
  • Kissena Boulevard-Queens College
  • 164th Street
  • 172nd Street
  • Utopia Parkway
  • 188th Street
  • Peck Avenue
  • 200th Street
  • 204 & 205th Streets
  • Bell Boulevard
  • Springfield Boulevard
  • Hampton Boulevard
  • Douglaston Parkway
  • Marathon Parkway

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