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The Green Line is a route that is part of the SIRT division. It is also known as the SIRT Wolfe Line.

Cars South Terminal North Terminal
R55 Wolfe's Pond Port Richmond

The line started underground at Port Richmond Avenue and Church Street. When leaving the terminal, the line heads south under Port Richmond Avenue until Willowbrook, where it shifts to Richmond Avenue. The line then runs under Richmond Avenue to Staten Island Mall. After the mall, the Green line then curves to a portal near Eltingville, running along the median of the Korean War Parkway. When the parkway meets the Blue Line, the Green Line operates along the line for two stops before reaching its terminal at Wolfe's Pond.

A track connection to the Red Line is present between Arden Heights and Travis. Another connection is present to the Blue Line after Huguenot.

Route Description[]

Begining at Port Richmond Terminal, the line begins as a subway. The line travels southwest along Port Richmond Avenue until Willowbrook. After Willowbrook, the Green Line crosses under Route 440 and continues under Richmond Avenue until Staten Island Mall, where a transfer is provided to the Red and Brown Lines. The Green Line then runs along a new right-of-way which runs southwest to a portal near Arden Heights Station. After Arden Heights, the line travels along the median of the Korean War Veterans Highway until after Woodrow, where it runs in a quick tunnel that connects to the Blue line at Huguenot station.

Between Huguenot and Prince's Bay, the Blue and Green Line share the same right of way, with the Green Line using the outer tracks and the Blue Line using the inner tracks. Some parts of the outer Green Line tracks were formerly used as spur tracks, housing storage for trains or allowing quick short-turns at Huguenot. At Prince's Bay, the Green Line elevates on a new structure and houses it's own platform at said station before continuing south to it's last stop at Wolfe's Pond.


Rapid Transit service on Staten Island became realized during the 1960's, after the decline of the Staten Island Railroad System. Service has been proposed since the opening of the IRT and BMT Systems in the early 1920's connecting Staten Island with the Borough of Brooklyn.

On April 21, 1971, the ICC approved the city's purchase of the rail system. On July 1, 1971, operation of the Tottenville line was turned over to the Staten Island Rapid Transit Operating Authority, a division of the state's MTA. As part of an agreement, the City helped the SIRTOA fund 3 new lines on Staten Island, all which are proposed to improve connectivity on the Island. The Wolfe Line was a newly proposed 5.6 mile (15.4 km) line operating from the new Port Richmond terminal near the west side of the island to a new terminal near Prince's Bay, connecting with the Tottenville Line at that station. The plan was approved in January 1972, with groundbreaking performed in February. The entire Green Line to Wolfe's Pond opened on September 13th, 1981.


In April 2022, Governor Kathy Hochul announced the Green Line would be renovated south of Huguenot in an effort to provide better connectivity with the South Shore beaches on Staten Island. Construction would begin in the following September. The elevated structure would be completely replaced with the line being extended from its current terminal located at Holton Avenue and Keating Street and to a new terminal located at Chester Avenue, near the Wolfe's Pond Park & Ride. During construction, the Green Line would be rerouted over the Blue line to Richmond Valley. After construction, Prince's Bay would no longer be served by the Green Line due to low ridership and redundancy, being replaced by a transfer to the Blue Line at Huguenot. Construction is expected to be completed by summer 2023, along with a new station located at Seguine, which would replace the former Wolfe's Pond station.


Station Minutes from Port Richmond Date
Connections / notes
Port Richmond 0 September 13, 1981 NYCT Bus: S40, S53, S59, S66, S90
SIRT: Red Line, Orange Line, Yellow Line
Post Avenue 2 September 13, 1981 NYCT Bus: S44, S57, S59, S94, X10, X14
Willowbrook 4 September 13, 1981 NYCT Bus: S48, S57, S59, S98, X10, X14, X30
Graniteville 6 September 13, 1981 NYCT Bus: S44, S59, S89, S94, X10, X12, X42
SIRT: Purple Line
Bull's Head 8 September 13, 1981 NYCT Bus: S44, S59, S62, S89, S92, S94, X10, X11, X17
Heartland Village 9 September 13, 1981 NYCT Bus: S44, S59, S89, S94, X17
New Springville 11 September 13, 1981 NYCT Bus: S44, S59, S89, S94, X17
Staten Island Mall 14 September 13, 1981 NYCT Bus: S44, S55, S56, S59, S61, S79, S89, S91, S94, X17, X31
SIRT: Brown Line, Red Line
Arden Heights 18 September 13, 1981 NYCT Bus: S55, X17
Woodrow 20 September 13, 1981 NYCT Bus: X17, X19, X24
Huguenot 22 September 13, 1981 NYCT Bus: S55, X17, X17, X23
SIRT: Blue Line
Prince's Bay 23 September 13, 1981 NYCT Bus: S55, S56, X23
SIRT: Blue Line
Wolfe's Pond 25 September 13, 1981 NYCT Bus: S78, S89