The Fresh Pond Depot is a Brooklyn division depot located on the east side of Fresh Pond Road south of Madison Street in Ridgewood, Queens. It was the site of a trolley depot called the Fresh Pond trolley yard, which was opened in 1907 by the Brooklyn Rapid Transit Company (BRT). The depot lies just west of the Fresh Pond Yard of the New York City Subway. In addition to repair shops, the barn hosted a "trolley car school" where new motormen were trained using a mockup of a streetcar's driver cabin. The trolley barn was acquired by the city in 1940, and was closed after the final trolley route from the depot, the Richmond Hill Line (today's Q55 bus), was motorized into trolleybus service on April 26, 1950. The barn was razed in 1957. The current bus depot was built by the Transit Authority following the motorization of trolley service, reopening on July 27, 1960 at the cost of $2 million. Upon opening, it replaced the Maspeth Trackless Trolley Depot, and the West 5th Street and Bergen Street depots located in Brooklyn. The new garage featured automatic fueling and washing facilities. The depot is currently assigned over 200 buses and has been assigned as many as 262 in the past.

The depot and subway yard are located in an area once known as Fresh Pond, named for two freshwater ponds located just north of Metropolitan Avenue.

Fleet operation history:Edit

RTS (1980's-2016) 

Hybrid RTS (2018-2019)

Orion VII Gen II (2005-present)

Orion VII NG. Hybrid (2010-Present)

2014 XD40 (2015-present)

2018 XD40 (2018-present)